Digitising Wealth Managers

We build digital solutions for wealth managers, banks and brokerages that want to harness next-generation technologies to power their business.

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Active Money

Machine Learning and High-Speed Computing

Asset Algo's Active Money Manager Robo invests into global active money managers, not ETFs/Stocks. These managers run short-term, hedge fund like quantitative strategies across multiple liquid instruments to turn a profit. Advantages include low correlation to the overall market, strong risk-reward ratios and dynamic capital allocation.


  • Social Media Integration
  • Interactive Risk Assessment
  • AI-Driven Portfolio Optimisation
  • Real-Time Rebalancing
  • Demo & Live Functionality
  • Broker & Platform Agnostic
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-asset class
  • Full admin suite

Core Components

AA Interact
Interactive Risk Assessment Module

The AA Interact serves as a client acquisition tool and allows wealth managers to accurately assess their client risk profiles on an on-going basis.

  • Utilise KYC data to assess client investment characteristics
  • Present behavioral finance based interactive questions
  • Profile client risk tolerance through quantitive scenario modelling
  • Provide learning insights to clients
AA Hub-X
Portfolio Construction Engine

The AA Hub-X improves client retention by delivering a calculation engine that builds portfolios consistent with the objectives of all stakeholders.

  • Harness fund level data to create unique portfolios for every client
  • Apply a leverage and risk management overlay to extract alpha and mitigate downside risk
  • Empower sales teams with a decision making framework
AA Ignite
Real-Time Investment Advice

The AA Ignite enhances client engagement through algorithm driven alerts and recommendations on the client dashboard.

  • Propose periodic portfolio rebalancing options based on portfolio drift
  • Identify manager style drift and propose entry and exit scenarios recommendations
  • Monitor macroeconomic data to determine individual protection needs


Empowering wealth managers to go digital
The idea was to create intelligent, powerful, flexible and real-time solutions for wealth managers to prepare them for the digital age.
Risk Analytics Hub
Real-Time and Historical Performance

Performing due diligence on trading strategies offered to clients is a costly process as the information is not easily verifiable and is presented in archaic formats, often on a monthly basis. The Risk Analytics Hub allows wealth managers to analyse and monitor historical and real-time holdings of trading strategies and make informed recommendations to clients.

Money Manager API
Access trading strategies run by global money managers

A new breed of money managers are using quantitative algorithms to trade the financial markets. Our technology picks up their trades real-time and executes them at the venue of choice. Wealth managers use our APIs to gain access to FX, Commodities and Equity trading strategies run by global money managers and use it to run client money.

Trade Replicator
Real-time strategy enforcement

As clients start to favour transparency and managed accounts, there is a need for wealth managers to adopt flexible and regulatory compliant trade replication solutions. Our Trade Replicator can accommodate to various lot management types, cater to client requests for real-time allocation changes and enforce strategy and portfolio level stop-losses.

Matching Engine
Automatically net off matching flows

Wealth managers who process a large number of tickets can boost profitability by using our matching engine to net off matching flows. Our FIFO based algorithm supports different order types, performs pre-trade risk management, post trade registration processing and comes with a webbased frontend.