We offer digital solutions to licensed wealth managers who market Hedge Fund and CTA investments through managed accounts.

AA Interact

Interactive Risk Assessment Module

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The AA Interact serves as a client acquisition tool and allows wealth managers to accurately assess their client risk profiles on an on-going basis

  • Utilise KYC data to assess client investment characteristics
  • Present behavioral finance based interactive questions
  • Profile client risk tolerance through quantitive scenario modelling
  • Provide learning insights to clients

AA Hub-X

Portfolio Construction Engine

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The AA Hub-X improves client retention by delivering a calculation engine that builds portfolios consistent with the objectives of all stakeholders

  • Harness fund level data to create unique portfolios for every client
  • Apply a leverage and risk management overlay to extract alpha and mitigate downside risk
  • Empower sales teams with a decision making framework

AA Ignite

Real-Time Investment Advice

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The AA Ignite enhances client engagement through algorithm driven alerts and recommendations on the client dashboard

  • Propose periodic portfolio rebalancing options based on portfolio drift
  • Identify manager style drift and propose entry and exit scenarios recommendations
  • Monitor macroeconomic data to determine individual protection needs